Chandler Day 272: Art Can Make for Good Fun

DSC05545This sign is part of an art installation at the 100 Acres. There are these little signs scattered everywhere throughout the park pointing out different things. Some are as simple as Tuft of Grass and Look Here to Gradual Erosion and Ephemerals. I love these signs. They connect art and nature, each complementing and giving meaning to the other.

Chandler Day 217: Time For a Picnic

photo-8Today Hannah told me to meet her at a park after I got off work. So I made my way to the park and then she arrived and told me she had a surprise. She set up the best little picnic for us. Basket, blanket, flowers, even a candle. We set up in the shade and ate some great food that she got and enjoyed the weather and the birds and each other. It was perfect and one of the cutest things she’s done.

Chandler Day 125: We’re Gonna See the World

DSC02784I’m sure you’ve seen photos like this. There was a pretty popular set of photos from a photographer that were this style. So yes, I suppose I stole the idea from him. I’d credit his name if I knew it. We were almost done with our walk through the 100 Acres, when I stopped her, told her to hold my hand and walk up the path. And I got this shot. And I told her we would be the even cuter couple that did these photos. I tell her about all kinds of places, all around the world, that I’m going to take her. And she just says “I’ll go anywhere with you.” And I’ll go anywhere with her. And we’re gonna see this huge, magnificent, and magical world of ours.

Chandler Day 121: Black-Throated Greens, Magnolias, and Nashvilles

DSC02719All those names in the title are warbler species. I got finally get out today an go birding at the 100 Acres in Indy. It was a great little bit of birding. I got some good species and it was nice to be birding again. It was good practice for my upcoming trip too.  I missed it. It had been a while, so it was great to hear the warblers, orioles, wrens and sparrows calling and singing. I love the challenge of finding them, trying to identify them and even get a few shots of them it I’m lucky. I love it.

Brandy Day124: Innocent Happiness <3


Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions going from contentment to intense joy.
I had a shoot at Holcomb Garden on Butlers campus, never been before so grabbed some grub, a recently woken soul, cheez-its & hit the middle most grassy point and sat. Watching people come and go. Small chatter of birds. The freshly dampened grass from the early morning. The screaming laughter of children.
Watching this little one run and play topped off the early afternoon. She was full of happiness. So simple, so innocent.

Brandy Day91: New Day Old Friend


Peyton. Lillian’s 1st boyfriend. She LOVES him.  Lilly & Peyton met 4 going on 5 summers ago. I lived next to Peyton’s dad and met them walking Lilly one day and well, the rest is history.
Peyton’s dad is a firefighter at Grissom Air Force Base in Northern IN. I’d watch Peyton on his long weeks. They’ve always played well, so it was nothing for either of them to be at the others house.
Lilly got to see and play with Peyton today. He’s a sweetheart with the same personality as Lillian! I love them both!
Shot while watching them take a breather…

Chandler Day 52: Marott Park

DSC01641I found a new park today. I was driving back from work and found Marott Park in Indianapolis. I thought it looked nice, so I stopped for a minute and took a little walk. I was short on time and couldn’t go far, but it was a nice little escape. To just get away from everything for a brief minute and clear my head. What little snow was left crunched under my boots, the wind blew through the still bare trees, a few birds called overhead, the sound of rushing water could be heard, and a Red-tailed Hawk took flight. I love these sounds. I love the fresh air and the way the sun feels. I love the way the trees talk when the wind blows through them. I love the quiet and the stillness. It was short, but all I needed. I cleared my head and headed home.