Brandy Day185: Independence


Independence Day, a holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from Great Britain (now part of the UK).
I shot this photo from the 19th floor of the Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas standing alongside Nikki who is from the UK. 🙂 We had a great night!! After fireworks at the hotel, we went to Tryst where we had bottle service and did a little dancin’…some would say clubbin’.

Happy Fourth of July!! Thank you to all those who’ve served, protected, currently serving & families who’ve lost so that we may have what we currently love.

Chandler Day 179: Surprise

DSC03886Today was another good day. I thought it was just going to be a normal day, but Hannah and my family planned otherwise. Hannah got me out of the house for a bit while my sister and step-mom decorated and Hannah’s family came out. Hannah stalled me by getting in an argument with me and when I got back to the house I was completely surprised to see everything done up and her family there. It was a great night spent with everyone and a lot of fun.


Brandy Day145: Fly Over


Happy Race Day Indy 500 fans!!!
The first flyover took place in 1918 over Fenway Park in Boston at the start of the World Series to symbolize to the crowd the strength and sophistication of the military during World War 1, however it was pigeons.
Flyovers are now done after the national anthem & before outdoor events such as races, football games & baseball games.
Tradition. Thank you to pilots then and now. For all who’ve fought for our freedom and right to enjoy days like today!

Brandy Day144: How Country Does It


Saturday of race weekend at the Jason Aldean concert.  This guy.
Haha! It was a great show. A great time with my brother Nick & his buddy Rush. No clue who the guy is in the photo, but I should know him!! I love watching people have a great time!
Somehow the three of us spent $24 at McDonalds as well. I only ordered a small fry. Solid work boys.
I need to thank Scott B. for the tickets and making sure we had a great time. Thanks again for all that you do, you already know what it means to me.

Brandy Day143: Rubbin’ Racin’


Today opens the biggest weekend in racing, the Indianapolis 500. Carb Day. It’s also one of the biggest party weekends. Two major concerts, Friday & Saturday, then the race on Sunday. People camp out everywhere around the tack holding traditions from years past. Its something to see that’s for sure.
Perfect weather for an Indianapolis tradition.

Chandler Day 36: Clare Hall

DSC01291 (3)This is Clare Hall 3 Main. This is my hall. It’s my home. I live, work, study and play in this hall. I’ve had a lot of good times here. Huge parties, cops called, people arrested, golf, frisbee, bike races, intense games of Madden, chair-in’s, late nights and loud music. I love my hall. It’s not perfect and there’s been plenty of problems, but it’s still pretty great.