Brandy Day169: Six Strings


Late night mini jam session with a friend, my bro & his lady. I love impromptu nights like this. Good fun. We even hit a beach ball around out front, each adult successfully holding onto an adult beverage 🙂
I’m lucky to have friends & family such as I do.

Brandy Day168: Good Direction


Sunrise on Washington Park Beach was too epic not to share another photo.
I really love this lighthouse. The way the sun lights it up after a night under the stars. This lighthouse sees the Earth rotate. The sun rise. The sun set. The moon rise. The Earth shift.
This weekend brought light to some important events and decisions that needed to be made.

Brandy Day155: What Lens Cap?!


Proof that I don’t use lens caps.
Turning my lens over to Canon was hard. Like leaving your child with strangers. Awaiting my new lens is like a 5 year old waiting for Christmas. I’ve been so anxious!! Hopefully within the next couple of days I’ll be feeling back to normal.
Home is where your camera and tripod are.

Brandy Day154: It’s Not Mine


I did not take this photo, however it was sent to me, taken for me.
I suppose I never realized how much my photography meant to me until I couldn’t shoot, nor how much my photos mean to others until things like this happen.
My friends & family send me photos they’ve taken either cause they know I’d be in love with the scene or because I’d be taking the same photo if I were standing right there beside them. I cannot express what it means to me to have made an impact on others lives with my photos and viewpoint.
Thank you for all the support and love from all those who surround me. It means the world to me.
We all view things differently, however if we were to take the time, we’d all see the beauty in life and that what surrounds us.

Brandy Day134: Y.O.L.O.


Driving down State Road 19 when I had to stop and turn around to grab this photo. No truer words have been shared.
Live everyday fully. Tomorrow is not yours. Cherish every moment as though it will never present itself again. I’m not saying ‘you only live once, do dumb things’, I am however saying live wisely.  Live peacefully.

Chandler Day 100: This is Why

DSC02433Already to 100 photos. 100 days. It certainly doesn’t seem like that long. Recently I’ve been thinking about photography and why I chose to be a photographer. Hannah asked me why I loved it and I couldn’t give her just one reason. I think back to when I started and I started because Brandy and Liz were shooting a lot and I thought I should give it a try. And now that I’m studying it, and I shoot every day, and I want this to be my life, I think about why I do it. And I guess I have three reasons. The first is that I try to capture some of the insane beauty that surrounds us. Everywhere I look there is beauty. Some of it is so amazing that I have to put my camera down and just look. No photo I ever take will fully capture some things here in this world. But I try my best to capture some of it. And the next reason is to show to whoever will look, that so many things, very common things that are overlooked, are beautiful. Like I said, I look around and see beauty everywhere. I see it in the weirdest places and in the smallest, most ordinary things. And I want other people to see it too. So I shoot and I hope that someone will see what I see. And finally there are certain things I shoot, that I get to preserve. As a photographer, my medium is light and time. Photographers have the unique ability to stop time and preserve something indefinitely. So I find things that are lost, forgotten, abandoned and dying. And I like to think that I save them. I keep them alive, for a little while longer. When everyone else has abandoned them, I find them and capture them and remember them. I remember I found an abandoned house and got to shoot it. About a week later it was struck by lightning and it burnt to the ground. Nothing was left. But it lives on in my photos. So there it is. That is why I do what I do. That is why I love what I do.

Brandy Day95: Sunny Moon


I love seeing both the sun and moon! Its such a big world we live in and to see this its a reminder. Reminds me that life and this works is so much more than who we are as people. Anything is possible when you put forth the effort, fight and will.
Shot mid day with both the sun & moon on my side.