Chandler Day 33: Sleep

DSC01251 (3)Sleep is a wonderful thing. It’s the perfect escape. To be able to get away from everything and just sleep. Simple, peaceful, quiet rest. It’s healing and calming. Have you ever watched someone sleep? Even if it was just for a moment. Their face is serene. There’s no worry, no pain, no fear or sadness. Just peace. A sleeping person is a beautiful, honest, innocent thing. Sleep can be intimate too. Like when two people sleep together. It’s a beautiful thing. Two people together, holding each other in their arms, asleep. It’s nothing sexual. It’s affectionate, it’s loving, it’s tender.

Chandler Day 29: Mistakes

DSC01178 (3)Tonight I thought about myself. I thought about my mistakes. I hate mistakes. I hate making them. Sometimes they’re just embarrassing, like when you mess up a part of a speech in class. Other times they hurt yourself, like when you burn yourself or bury your car in snow because you were driving too fast. I’ve never minded those much. The worst though, are when they hurt other people, especially when they hurt those you care about. Think about it. Some word you said or some action you did caused pain or stress or worry or anger to someone you care about or someone you love. It can be such a little action, something you normally wouldn’t think twice about. But it can still hurt someone. And when you see that you’ve hurt them, it’s the worst feeling in the world. And the only thing you can do is say sorry and hope that you can make things better in some way. And you learn to be mindful of what you do and how it affects everyone around you. You start to pay attention. You start to care a little more. And you think about those mistakes.

Chandler Day 26: Another Sunset

DSC01052“I can work with that”, I said, pointing to the sunset that was starting as we drove along a country road this evening. I needed a shot for today and it had been a while since I shot a sunset. “I hate sunset pictures,” she said. “They’re too overused. Unless you can make it interesting.” I stopped the car and we sat there for a minute. I just watched the sunset and her, studying both. I grabbed my camera and ended up with this. So there it is. Another sunset photo, but I think I made it interesting this time.