Chandler Day 326: Long Overdue

DSC00055So I know this photo probably makes zero sense to those of you who are actually still around and still reading this. I have gotten far behind on posts and I have to be honest, I have not been taking photos every day like I should. That being said it has been incredibly busy lately with school, work, and trying to help Mom move to a new house. But I promise I will do better and I will finish this challenge. Some of the posts will be using old photos. But back to this photo, which is a year old, out of place and not my best. When I saw this photo tonight it meant a lot to me. This tree was a little pine tree that me and Abbie bought for Mom on Mother’s day for the house, because she so badly wanted a pine tree. One day it would get big enough to decorate. Well, it is still little but that year she decorated it and it looked really pretty, though small, out in the yard covered in snow. This tree made the house even more of a home. Today we moved out of that house, or at least started to, and moved elsewhere. And it was kinda hard. That place was our home for some six years or so. It was beautiful and it was full of so many memories, like this little tree. And it was not easy packing things up and moving out. But nothing is permanent in this life and things change. We move on and hold the memories of past homes with us. And this home was a great one.

Chandler Day 106: Moonlight

DSC02490After a long evening of work , I drove home and saw this moon coming up. So I immediately grabbed my camera and walked to find a place on campus to shoot it. I walked over to some tables, hopped up on one and shot away. And I got this shot. I liked the silhouette of the pine tree against the light of the moon. It’s somewhat eerie. Night can be very fun to shoot. It’s always more challenging, but when it works out, it produces some really cool shots. And tonight the moon and this tree worked out nicely.

Chandler Day 48: Endless Winter

DSC01540 (3)Another snow filled day. It started this morning as I buried my car in snow on the way to school and ended up missing all of my classes. And when I finally did get to school it started to rain. Freezing rain. And then snow. More snow. I’m starting to think it will never end. And I’m sick of it. I’m sick of driving in it, and walking in it and dealing with it. But as I watched the snow fall outside my window, I had to admit it looked pretty. Huge snowflakes fell slowly to the ground and started to cover this large pine tree that’s outside my window. I had to get a shot.