Brandy Day280: Human Sinkhole


Today wasn’t easy. Maybe its the weather, I feel like I’m lost in Seattle. However the sun has set so I cannot complain. Rain through the day makes for long ones & hyper dogs.
Driving for sunset accepting I may not see much of one, this reflection caught me. Flooding the hole in the middle of the road, deceiving those that pass through, painting that which surrounds it, catching true colors.
Oddly enough I stopped, got out of my truck and stood there,  ‘reflecting’ on recent days, prior to taking this photo. The beauty captured reflected so much.

Brandy Day215: Hates The Sound Goodbyes Make


The brick in this photo is that of an old school that is still partially standing, off a road where I’ve driven the pavement thin. Standing tall in the golden sunlight, this beautiful single flower. Growing among falling bricks & crumbling memories. Perfect within imperfections.
Reminder that what was will never be. Its up to us to see the beauty.

Chandler Day 173: Weeds? No, I Call Them Flowers

DSC03871One of the best things about country roads in the summer, are the wild flowers that grow along the sides of the roads. Pink, Purple, White, Blue, Orange, and Yellow. Little beauties growing just for the sake of being alive. Untouched and unseen. I drive past them all the time. Today I had to stop and get a picture of some of them.

Chandler Day 114: Life & Death

DSC02611New life and very old death right next to each other. I remember writing about graveyards and how easily people are forgotten. Never to be remembered. I do still believe this. But we are never destroyed. We are never obliterated. I forget where I read this or found out about this idea, but when we die, our bodies decompose. We return to the earth and the universe. We break down into the elements that made us. Those elements cannot be destroyed. Matter cannot be destroyed. It is just reused. So the stuff that made us, goes onto to make other things. We live in on in the world around us. Our bodies contribute in the creation of new things. They live on forever. So in a sense we really are immortal. And think about all those that died before us. Think of how they all died and broke down and were made into new things, new creatures, new people. We may have forgotten their names and what they did, but they are not gone, not completely and they never will be.

Shot in Crown Hill Cemetery

Chandler Day 111: Magnolia

DSC02628Magnolia Trees are some of my favorite trees. They are absolutely stunning in the spring. I love driving around Indy and seeing them in full bloom. Luckily there is one on campus. It stands right outside Hannah’s room. So every time I would go over there, I’d see it and want to shoot it. Today I got a shot of it.