Chandler Day 276: Free Pizza

DSC05584My other campus job that I started this week was working as a cashier at the new food court in Alumni Hall. We have Papa John’s and a burger place. Pizza and burgers. It’s not the best job, certainly not as nice as working in the Ecolab, but it pays, barely. Oh well, you gotta work. I do get one good perk though, and that is I can eat whatever I want there for free. Looks I’ll be eating a lot of pizza this semester.

Brandy Day123: Nothing Compares


Patio drinking. Well…some were drinking. I was not I was working. Hard. Though the Pacers were playing and the night started slow, proved to end differently! Got my ass handed to me. It was fun though an absolutely beautiful evening, great company & who isn’t happy sitting in the sun enjoying good beer and great wings?!

Brandy Day90: Oh My God This Is My Song


Ahhhh yes! Guess what day it is!!!! Opening Day Bitches!!!! What a great day! Weather was beautiful!! City was crowded! Beer was delicious! Baseball has started!
My Ninja and I road tripped it to Cincinnati for the day! I just love her! A true friend, a great time & lots of memories and quotes. Every good day starts with breakfast and fireball and ends with Angry Orchard and pizza.
I needed this. Thank you. #classic