Chandler Day 308: Ms. Drama Queen

DSC06222Tonight I got to go see Abbie’s showcase. She and the rest of her class performed the beginning scene from a play they have been working on. She played the part of a very dramatic and snobby actor and she did it perfectly. I love watching her get up on stage and become a whole new person. She is always so quiet and then when she gets up there she plays her parts perfectly. Great job Abbie, I can’t wait to see more!

Brandy Day218: Oliver & Molly


Oliver had his first play date with an older woman. He was so excited to see her and play, however Molly was just a bit unsure. She’s used to being the only dog and getting all the attention. She did well with him though but definitely   not willing to share her Frisbee at all.
Oliver has been great socializing with other dogs and people. He’s awesome in public as well. He has such a sweet and chill demeanor.
Thanks Chris for allowing us to come play and double thanks for sharing biscuits!!! Still amazed you can leave the jumbo box of MilkBones open and Molly ‘Bear’ won’t touch them.

Brandy Day206: Nugget Sauce


Oliver is pretty legit! I got to spend some much needed time with KC grabbing breakfast, driving aimlessly & puppy play time at Mimi’s. Oliver loved it all. So well behaved & polite. He crashed hard on the way home next to a lens bigger than him 🙂 What a great day!

Brandy Day91: New Day Old Friend


Peyton. Lillian’s 1st boyfriend. She LOVES him.  Lilly & Peyton met 4 going on 5 summers ago. I lived next to Peyton’s dad and met them walking Lilly one day and well, the rest is history.
Peyton’s dad is a firefighter at Grissom Air Force Base in Northern IN. I’d watch Peyton on his long weeks. They’ve always played well, so it was nothing for either of them to be at the others house.
Lilly got to see and play with Peyton today. He’s a sweetheart with the same personality as Lillian! I love them both!
Shot while watching them take a breather…

Brandy Day50: Horsin’ Around


While driving today this little beefcake caught my eye. He was chasing his partner around the pasture, kicking up snow having a great time. So beautiful running and playing. Such ease and grace.
My mother has always loved horses. She’d always dreamt of having a paint, like the one shown above, since she was a child. A few years ago that came true and she got her black and white painted horse named Shadow. Shadow passed last summer while I was on my road trip. I was in the Badlands when I got the call from her. It was from then on, my mission to find and photograph paints. (I made her a calendar for Christmas of them)
Shot in the country of Lapel IN for my MoMmY.