Chandler Day 336: Michelle

DSC 2This is Michelle my step-mother and wife to my dad. She has been a great friend to me over the years, has been there for me when I needed someone neutral to talk to, helped me through problems, attempted to teach me how to play the piano (I gave up), introduced me to wonderful new grandparents, and has always made sure I have been well-fed. She is smart, talented, positive and very caring and I love her and I am glad she has been a part of my life.

Brandy Day128: Turtle Kisses <3


Chris Lynch. An amazing mother. A strong woman. Beautiful. Courageous. Hopeful. Supportive. Giving. Loving. Role model. We will always have a bond, that not even death can take away.
Chris lost her son Jordan 8years ago to suicide. Standing by her side, watching her cry, the pain she endures, the moments she wants to break down, yet all the love and compassion she still has to offer. Jordan’s friends call her Momma Lynch. They bring their children over to meet someone who was always a positive influence as they grew up. Jordan’s father still, to this day, coaches the local track team where Jordan attended school.
Amazing people with more to offer, cheated of so many experiences, yet finding ways to still give back and be a part.
I love them as they are my own set of parents. Thank you. For everything you’ve done for not just me, but all whose lives you’ve touched. For raising two boys. For enduring so much pain, yet still loving and laughing. For allowing me to be a part of your life. Be a part of who you are. I love you Chris & Keith Lynch ❤

Chandler Day 80: Everyone’s an Asshole

DSC02191At some point in everyone’s life or in some aspect of their life, everyone is an asshole. I don’t care  who you are or what you do, you will be an asshole at some point. Everyone is. Family, friends, spouses, acquaintances, coworkers, classmates, roommates (above), teachers, random strangers. All of them. From the coworker that makes everything harder than it needs to be, to a sibling who is pissing you off, to the two random guys in a junk car that cut you off in traffic and yell obscenities at you. And I am no exception. I can be a total jackass when I drive and or when I get in a negative mood. I can be selfish and I have a temper. But despite everyone being an asshole in some way, people can get along,and work together, and love each other. You just have to overlook or learn to accept the negative aspects of people. Everyone on this planet has some bad aspect about them. Everyone will be an asshole about something.  As soon as you accept that then you can move on to learn to love and work with the people around you.