Brandy Day253: Wireless


For a ‘wireless’ world, I sure am working with a lot of chords. Lots of good photos to sort through on this rainy lousy day. Suppose that’s what they are made for, getting indoor things done since no one wants to be inside when its 75 & sunny.
I’ll be here for awhile if anyone needs me 🙂

Chandler Day 149: Storms Are Coming

DSC03568This week has been a week of supposed storms, that haven’t turned up. I always used to hate storms, but now I kind of like them. Today I wished it would have stormed. I heard thunder, but it never rained. But it was okay, me and Hannah treated it like a rainy day anyway. We both had the day off and we relaxed watching TV, making pancakes, cleaning, reading and watching movies. It was a good day and good time spent together.