Chandler Day 363: Lots of Games

gamesBecause we are on break we have been playing a lot of board games lately. We’ve been playing with Hannah’s family and our friends and it has been a lot of fun. It has been so nice to not have anything to worry about. No work, homework, deadlines, essays or anything. It’s been great to relax and have fun.

Chandler Day 245: Labor Day

DSC04619-2For the weekend my professor told us to take some photos that represented our Labor Day and also to not make them stereotypical. So I went to the lake. In Cicero this is where people spend their Labor Day. Out on their boats enjoying the end of summer. I walked along the docks and watched various boats go by, and fishers cast their lines, and kids play in the park. And I saw these two boats. This kinda sums up Cicero. This very old, beat up pontoon boat, right next to a big, brand new, expensive boat. Old and New. Expensive and Cheap.

Chandler Day 149: Storms Are Coming

DSC03568This week has been a week of supposed storms, that haven’t turned up. I always used to hate storms, but now I kind of like them. Today I wished it would have stormed. I heard thunder, but it never rained. But it was okay, me and Hannah treated it like a rainy day anyway. We both had the day off and we relaxed watching TV, making pancakes, cleaning, reading and watching movies. It was a good day and good time spent together.

Chandler Day 98: Recharge


Between classes, I have a chance to run to library, grab coffee, some junk food and relax for a bit. This is my only time to relax during the day. So I have to make the best of it. I take my coffee and combos, go to my favorite couch, get on Tumblr and forget about life for an hour. It’s nice. It helps me get through the day. I think we all have certain things like this. Little things or breaks we take to recharge. This is mine.

Chandler Day 69: Tune It All Out

DSC02100After a long day, hard work, arguing and just feeling stressed out, it was time to tune things out. I just had to relax and chill. So I laid in bed, put in my headphones and picked up Brave New World. It feels so nice to just tune everything and everyone out for a little bit. To just be alone, with music and a book. It calms me down, cheers me up and helps me think. I needed it and after a night’s sleep, I was ready to start a new day.

Chandler Day 57: Relax

DSC01729Finally time to relax. After a long, stressful day full of tests, essays, and worries about classes, work, money and the future, I get to settle down and relax with a good book, a cup of tea in my favorite mug and a today’s post to write. I don’t handle stress well and when things to start to build up, even a little bit, I tend to let things get out of control. One or two stressful things turns into me worrying about countless things, doubting my decisions, having anxiety attacks, and me basically reevaluating my life. It’s ridiculous, I know. But after talking to my parents, getting some good news, and finishing my homework, I settled down. And now I get to relax. And I need to learn to control my stress, which is much easier said than done.

Chandler Day 6: Snow Day

DSC00521 Today was a snow day. I’m still buried in Danville and unable to go anywhere. But I got to relax. I was able to stop and just  enjoy the day with my girlfriend. We slept in late, played old video games, watched TV and played cards. Nothing seemingly significant happened today. But today was still important. I’m alive and well and I was happy and I got to spend time with someone close to me. That might sound very ordinary and not very special, but when you think about it, it’s actually quite significant. For me, every day that I am actually happy and happy to be alive, is a significant day. Because not every day is like that. So cherish every day and appreciate those seemingly ordinary things like being around people close to you, or being able to relax or simply being happy.