Chandler Day 229: Finally Back

DSC04212I moved back to Marian today. It was a long day of moving, getting myself and Hannah settled in our new rooms. I’m in good old Clare Hall again, just with a new room and roommate this year. I do have to say my room is much better than last semester. It’s a good start to a hopefully good semester. It does feel good to be back at Marian.

Brandy Day186: ‘This Isn’t The Real Caesars Palace Is It?!’


I’ve always found the architecture amazing in Vegas. I mean at least they are putting lost money to good cause.
The buildings that stand incredibly tall with amazing detail. Not to mention all that go into the casinos as well as outside or around them. Just absolutely stunning.
In 1962 a man named Jay took the $35 million that was loaned to him and began to construct what was then 14 stories and 680 rooms and called it Caesars Palace. He chose the name because he thought it would evoke thoughts of royalty because of Roman general Julius Caesar. In 1969 he sold the hotel for $60 million.  There are now 3,960 rooms within 6 towers & 166,000 sq feet of gaming space.
Shot outside Caesars Palace and we are still unsure if it’s pager friendly….

Chandler Day 134: Back Home

DSC03106Last week I finished up finals and completed my freshman year of college. It was a pretty good year with lots of ups and downs, great memories, adventures, and meeting the most amazing woman ever. Once I finished up my finals, I moved out and moved to my Dad’s house. It was a little weird moving to his house. I haven’t actually lived there in about seven years. I moved out when my parents got divorced and lived with my mom. But this summer I decided to live with my dad, just to switch it up. And tonight I unpacked and put my room together. It’s interesting being back in this room. This was my room when I was a little kid and it’s changed a lot.