Brandy Day279: Selfish Selfie….


Standing on this back road. Alive. Happy. Full of feeling and life. The light of the sun highlighting naturally.
Never knowing when your happiness will be ripped from your heart, you be sure and ‘live’.
Dont be afraid of happiness, it has to start somewhere and its an amazing feeling. One you must experience in order to feel hurt, pain. Enjoy the simple things in life, one day that may be all you have.

Brandy Day207: Betty Crocker


I started to make cheesecake (told ya Mary) when I realized I didn’t have a hand mixer. So I called handy Greg, I’ll disclose him later, he’s a solid.  Anyhow he was outta town but told me how to break into a cops house. The cheesecake was a success as well as the chicken stuffed with mozzarella and pesto and angle hair pasta with a fresh garlic & lemon sauce. (I dabble 😉 )

Chandler Day 110: This is my Easter

easter2On a back road headed towards Lebanon from Cicero. Something I’ve done countless times. From one house to another. From one parent to another. Dressed in Sunday best with two of my favorite people doing one of my favorite things. Driving down barely traveled dirt roads, way out in the country and shooting the occasional photo. This drive helps makeup for the split. The two homes. It was a good Easter though. Seeing a good portion of my family and seeing Hannah’s family. Breakfast with Dad, dinner with Mom, a visit with Hannah’s grandparents and then a visit to her parents house. It only took the entire day and driving to four towns in four separate counties.