Chandler Day 219: Antique Flowers

DSC04185This is a shot from my Polaroid 600. I’m still trying to get the hang of it as it is a little harder than what I thought it would be. Today I thought I would get a shot of these flowers at my mom’s house and even the the shot is a little blurry, I like it. I think it has an interesting look and a nice old feel to it.¬†

Chandler Day 209: Rough

DSC04095I have never been one to wear gloves. Dirt, mud, dust, grime, oil, grease, blisters, splinters. They don’t bug me. I’m rough on my hands. They almost always have cuts or blisters and there are scars on them. At my job though I have started to wear gloves, mainly because I was getting splinters and smashing my hands too much. And in a week of wearing them I have worn holes in the leather. It’s amazing how quickly the gloves deteriorate and yet our hands stay healthy. They have an amazing ability to heal themselves. Wearing the gloves showed me how hard I am on my hands and how strong my hands are.

Chandler Day 113: Boots

DSC02594My boots. They’ve seen and been through a lot. I’ve had them for years. They’ve trudged through snow, waded water, sloshed through mud. Been through fields, woods, meadows, wetlands, barns, factories, hills, and mountains. ¬†They’ve been in the saddle with me and they walk the sort line every night with me. It’s funny how such a simple pair of objects can experience so much. They owe it to me, but I also owe them something. They’ve covered my feet through all this. They’ve kept my feet from being ruined by the elements, from getting stomped by a horse, or crushed by boxes. Such a common and ignored pair of objects, until now.

Chandler Day 48: Endless Winter

DSC01540 (3)Another snow filled day. It started this morning as I buried my car in snow on the way to school and ended up missing all of my classes. And when I finally did get to school it started to rain. Freezing rain. And then snow. More snow. I’m starting to think it will never end. And I’m sick of it. I’m sick of driving in it, and walking in it and dealing with it. But as I watched the snow fall outside my window, I had to admit it looked pretty. Huge snowflakes fell slowly to the ground and started to cover this large pine tree that’s outside my window. I had to get a shot.