Chandler Day 277: Are You Awake?

DSC05606This week we assigned a project to  shoot experimental photos in the style of some photographers we had discussed in class. We covered people like Duane Michals, Gregory Crewdson, Andreas Gursky, and Cindy Sherman. For the photos I tried to do something similar to the style of Michals. It was late tonight when I got this shot along with a series of others. I saw her wall and the dramatic light that illuminates the art work on the wall and the bed. I worked with this lighting, using the shadows and in other images a slow shutter speed to create blurs and false double exposures. I wanted to convey this idea of sleep and what is real and what is just a dream. The figure is dark, completely shadowed, up from the bed. Is the figure real and awake or just a shadow from a dream?

Chandler Day 53: I Love You

DSC01709Today was an amazing day. This morning I set up  a special scavenger hunt for Hannah. I hid clues around campus and across Indianapolis. The clues took her to places where we had special memories, like where we went on our first date. The final clue led her to a place she hadn’t ever been before; Marott Park. Hidden in a tree at the park was a note telling her 100 things I loved about her. I was also hiding there at the park, though she thought I was at work. When she got there and read the note I told her I loved her. I had to do it in a special way. I had to do some grand gesture to try and show her how much I loved her. Later that day she asked me how I knew I loved her. And I told her I knew  I loved her because I would do anything for her. I know because I do all these little things for her that I wouldn’t do for anyone else. I know because when she’s sick, I take care of her and still kiss her, even though I hate being around sick people. I know because I’d drive miles and miles out of my way just to see her. I know because I love all of her little quirks. I know because of incredibly happy she makes me. I just knew. I love you Hannah.

Brandy Day50: Horsin’ Around


While driving today this little beefcake caught my eye. He was chasing his partner around the pasture, kicking up snow having a great time. So beautiful running and playing. Such ease and grace.
My mother has always loved horses. She’d always dreamt of having a paint, like the one shown above, since she was a child. A few years ago that came true and she got her black and white painted horse named Shadow. Shadow passed last summer while I was on my road trip. I was in the Badlands when I got the call from her. It was from then on, my mission to find and photograph paints. (I made her a calendar for Christmas of them)
Shot in the country of Lapel IN for my MoMmY.

Chandler Day 38: Light

DSC01316I love lights. I love the contrast between light and dark. I love capturing the never-ending battle between lights and shadows. I like how they both attempt to destroy each other but without each other they wouldn’t exist. Without dark we would not know light and without light we would not know dark. It’s a simple concept but one that we forget. And it’s even more important for a photographer. Light is my medium. That is what I capture. I love to think of it in this way. That I am able to capture light. I am able to make art out of light.