Chandler Day 321: Winter Is Coming (Maybe It’s Already Here)

DSC06457Today I decided to take a walk in the Ecolab. Honestly it was more because I had to take some photos for class. It was a freezing cold walk, but I got some good shots. The Ecolab is a beautiful place and the snow only made it prettier. As I walked around I heard one of the coolest sounds that occurs in right now here in Indiana. That is the calls of the Sandhill Cranes that are migrating right now. They are beautiful birds and they are moving from Canada to the south. You often hear them before you see them. So if you’re in the area and hear a weird noise, look up and you might seem some.

Chandler Day 317: An Unorthodox Stage

DSC06401As we walked around, freezing cold, I noticed this tree. It was weirdly lit by a nearby lamp post. The light landed perfectly on the tree and I saw this picture right away. I asked Hannah to go stand in front of the tree and I got this. A perfect background, great light and a beautiful model, all put together by chance.

Chandler Day 256: Emily

DSC04915Another day of photography class and today we got to use the studio. We set up the seamless and got some tota lights out. And we started shooting portraits. Sometimes it can be hard to shoot in class, because there are ten other people all trying to get a shot. Today was a little hard but I was able to slip in every now and then and snag a couple of shots. Emily was our model today and I was able to grab this shot.

Chandler Day 51: Stairwell

DSC01630A stairwell. Nothing special about it. I climb these stairs every day. I’ve gone up and down them countless times. Countless feet have walked on them. How many lives and stories have gone on these stairs? And as I climbed down them tonight, I had to take a shot. I don’t know what made me. I just did. I stopped for a second and saw an opportunity. It’s amazing the things you see as a photographer when you slow down. So many tiny little things all around us have potential. You just have to look.

Chandler Day 43: Another Happy Night

DSC01463 (2)Another happy night spent together. I love every minute we spend together. We get to see each other every day, and by now it feels odd if we don’t. We spend hours together talking, watching Netflix or YouTube, wasting time on Tumblr, or driving around in my car. We’ve spent so much time in my car. We go there to get away from people, go on an adventure or because my roommate kicked us out for some stupid, made-up reason. We’ve laughed a lot and had a lot of talks in that car.  I’ve gotten to know a really amazing person during the time spent in that car.  So here we are, making our best fish faces at each other and having another good night.

Chandler Day 39: Lights, Books, & Shadows

DSC01339[1]Like I said before, I like lights. I love light and dark. I love the contrast. That might be why I like black and white so much. I shoot so many of my photos in black and white. Sometimes colors get in the way. They can distract you and take away from the subject. I like how black and white can clearly define something. It’s simple, it’s clean. It makes you focus on the lighting more. It shows the light and the shadows. I noticed some of my old books in my room, so I grabbed a few and stacked them. I don’t do set up, still-life shots much, but I thought they would make an interesting shot.  And as I started playing with the lighting, I decided to make the light part of the subject. And I came up with this. There it is. A light, books and shadows.

Chandler Day 33: Sleep

DSC01251 (3)Sleep is a wonderful thing. It’s the perfect escape. To be able to get away from everything and just sleep. Simple, peaceful, quiet rest. It’s healing and calming. Have you ever watched someone sleep? Even if it was just for a moment. Their face is serene. There’s no worry, no pain, no fear or sadness. Just peace. A sleeping person is a beautiful, honest, innocent thing. Sleep can be intimate too. Like when two people sleep together. It’s a beautiful thing. Two people together, holding each other in their arms, asleep. It’s nothing sexual. It’s affectionate, it’s loving, it’s tender.