Chandler Day 143: The Other Side of the Sunset

DSC03549When the sun sets and turns the sky into a burning and quickly changing splash of color, all the focus is to the west. All eyes are on the sun as it falls from the heavens, setting the sky on fire. Everyone forgets to look behind. Just turn around and you will see a whole different beauty. The clouds being lit by the sun. The colors are softer, more muted. They are humble and quiet. Every evening they show their colors, never to be noticed. Backs are turned on them. A waste of beauty. Just turn around. There’s a whole other show going on.

Shot in Boone County

Brandy Day47: Air Born Toxic Event


I do work A LOT but I have decent perks. IE I got to meet the lovely members of Air Born Toxic Event. They played an acoustic show at my bar, LOVE acoustic anything! A great band with down to earth ‘real’ people. A fun day with great music and a chance to see some old friends!
Shot at work with Air Born Toxic Event, sometime around midnight