Chandler Day 181: Wild Flowers Are Prettiest

DSC03939I happened upon this lone silo today and stopped to get a shot. And then I noticed the all the beautiful daylilies growing along the side of the fence. There were so many you couldn’t even see the fence. I absolutely love these flowers. They grow and bloom all over country roads throughout Indiana. And they are always orange (which happens to be my favorite color.) They are pretty¬†enough to have their own picture but paired with a silo, I think it makes for a beautiful scene.

Brandy Day156: Comfort


I’ve been feeling uneasy the past couple days. Usually its an easy fix with a country drive, few sunset photos & ramen noodles. This time is different. I can’t seem to shake it no matter how many hours I spend driving or sitting outside in the night air. I’m certain it’ll work itself out, whatever it is.
Shot out there somewhere, windows down, music up & mind full of useless confusing thoughts.

Brandy Day135: Because I’m Happy…


Whoever thought to paint a smiley face on a silo, brilliant.
Its located in the small town where I went to highschool. Drove by it countless times, though it never really struck me as an object of importance. Until today. Stopped me dead in my tracks. I smiled. So simple.
Things, words, actions, feelings, mean nothing until you’re ready for them. Open your eyes to see what has always been there.

Chandler Day 72:

DSC02136I drive past this place all the time. I’ve driven past every night this week on the way home from work. Tonight I finally decided to stop and get a shot. I had to. It’s a couple big silos out in the middle of nowhere and this bright light shines so bright out there. It’s like a beacon. So I pulled up and tried to get a few shots as quick as I could. It was freezing cold and the wind was blowing hard. But the shot turned out nice, especially since I hardly ever do these type of night shots. It was a nice end to a long day.