Chandler Day 305: Empty Cityscape

DSC06309I really love cities. I have loved them for a very long time. I remember how amazing it was to go downtown when I was little. I never got to go very often and when I did, I was fascinated with everything. I loved the buildings, the lights, the people. They still fascinate me today. I love walking this cities streets. I love the contradictions, dangers, stories and life of this city. How quickly it changes. One minute there are crowds, the next it is deserted. It changes as quickly as the setting sun.

Brandy Day182: Skyline


Indianapolis Indiana. This is home. We hosted one hell of a Superbowl & Superbowl party. We host the Final Four. Any convention you can think of we bring here to host. Our skyline is beautiful.
We all get board with home. We want to leave. Wander. See what else is out there. We should. Its a great big world, we should always see what more we can dabble in. That’s the thing about home, it’ll always be here when we return.
Thank you for being a part of something so big to the United States, and I’m so proud to call it home. Shot as I headed into the city as the sun was setting on another day.

Chandler Day 177: Polaroids, Soccer & Trains

DSC03885Another day spent in Indy. We went camera shopping, had dinner and watched the World Cup, took a walk along the Circle, ran into a friend, shot the skyline, went to a park, climbed up onto an old train bridge and shot the train as it crawled along it’s tracks. Another great day. New cameras. New shots. New memories. I love days like these and I look forward to the countless more that we’ll have together.