Brandy Day282: Missing Piece


The tree itself and its reflection seem to make a heart with a little piece missing.
I shot this down at the creek while playing ball with Oliver. I cannot explain the joy I get from seeing them happy!  Watching he and Lilly having such an awesome time down at the creek, swimming, playing ball & chasing each other. Really, no greater joy. They are such a huge part of my heart and without them I’d be lost. The bond you can form with a dog is irreplaceable.

Brandy Day271: Love & Infatuation


Infatuation is described as an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone. Love? Love on the other hand is limitless. Unfortunately we cannot control how or when either happen. In my heart, I believe you know love. You feel love. You believe in that person, you trust in every part of them, regardless of the degree to which you love them. You want the best for them. You hurt when they do. You laugh when they do. You become emotionally involved. Most of that emotion & feeling is missing within the fury and excitement of infatuation. Love is a beautifully heart breaking part of life. When you fall it’s an amazing feeling, when your heart is broken its a shitty moment. Remember that. Remember how you felt during your highest of highs. Never forget how you truly believed the world was ending the first time your heart broke. 

Brandy Day179: Belle, Dakota & Tim


I was out shooting sunset as usual when I happened upon this site 🙂
As I drove by,  I hesitated on getting out and taking the photo, but as I debated I knew that I would forever regret not getting it. So I found myself out of my truck and walking toward this gentleman.
Very nice and handsome cowboy 😉 He rescued Belle from the ‘wild’ and she’s about 2. She is the Burro better known as a donkey. Tim also rescued Dakota from the wild at the age of 3 and he is now 8. He is a Mustang. Tim was just out riding, training Belle, smoking a cigar and watching the sunset ❤
I loved seeing this!!! Thank you for stopping your sunset ride and chatting!

Chandler Day 167: Nothing Special

DSC03725I caught another train today. I was taking a different way home and noticed the tracks so I thought I’d drive by them and see if anything was picture worthy. And as I pulled up to the tracks, I saw it coming and had to stop. So I waited and got my shots. The driver blew the horn a few extra times and waved as he went on his way. It isn’t the most special shot and it doesn’t hold some deep meaning, but it made me smile and it made my day.

Brandy Day135: Because I’m Happy…


Whoever thought to paint a smiley face on a silo, brilliant.
Its located in the small town where I went to highschool. Drove by it countless times, though it never really struck me as an object of importance. Until today. Stopped me dead in my tracks. I smiled. So simple.
Things, words, actions, feelings, mean nothing until you’re ready for them. Open your eyes to see what has always been there.

Brandy Day106: It’s a Good Knot


Unusually drawn to this photo. It’s one of those that I knew I was taking, but didn’t know the capacity of it at the time.
Not sure why THIS one photo sticks out to me out of the 100+ photos I took on this beautiful Wednesday. Many would argue there are others far better than this.
This was shot just as sunrise was peaking well over the horizon. The air was chilled. People rushing off to wherever.
I was up at 6am. Another restless night of sleep or lack thereof. I was OK with the tradeoff.
I think its the knot I’m drawn to. Right in the center. Holding it all together.
Photo was shot in RAW with no edit.

Brandy Day102: Laughing! :-)


This means more to me than I could explain, the existence of this particular bottle cap made me chuckle first thing this am. It took me to a happy moment and thought.
That’s when you know something is real…when it makes you happy without being present. When you laugh at a memory.
I dont know why this particular cap was left behind, on the beer cooler, in the bar that I was opening, but I am very grateful for it!

Chandler Day 90: “Your Smile Is Breathtaking :)”


This is one of the many notes that Hannah has been leaving everywhere she goes. She decided to do this for Lent. She wanted to cheer people up, make them smile, compliment them, and help them have a better day by leaving kind notes like this all over the place. I was very impressed by this idea and it’s been fun watching her do it. Doing something like this for Lent fits her perfectly. She’s so caring and wants to help people and make people happier so much. And this a little ways she’s doing it. It makes me smile just being able to write about it.  She’s left them for a janitor in one of the halls, on a very shy student’s door, for a waiter who served us, in stores, bathrooms, hallways, lobbies, and on a tip. We like to think it’s cheered some people up or made them smile. Taken in a lobby very late tonight.

Brandy Day74: One Day


Everyday is a new day. A new start. Another end. We can take the opportunity and use it to the fullest.
I love sharing my work.  Everyday I share my work with someone close to me. Its what we do, Photo of the Day. It’s my way of expressing me. Thank you. For all that you do. You’ll never know what you mean to mean or how you’ve made this easier.
A smile everyday!
Shot on that back country road, under the moon light, with a smile!

Chandler Day 63: The Little Things

DSC01875Today was a long day of studying, tests, work, and stress. And after work, I found out Hannah had a pretty bad day. So we talked and I tried my best to make her feel better. Once we talked and started to relax, we got better and were back to normal. It’s amazing how just talking to someone you love can make everything so much better. And we got to spend the rest of the night together, doing some more work, talking and laughing. And as we sat together, I asked her to draw a smiley face on my hand, because I knew it would make me smile in the morning. So she drew one and then she made one for herself. And it made us laugh and smile and it turned into today’s photo. That’s her smiley face photo-bombing the picture. It’s such a little thing, probably insignificant in the grand scheme of things. But it made us laugh and it cheered us up. And as someone wise told me, “the little things…they go a lot further than big things.”