Brandy Day77: Racing Clouds to the Moon and Back


When I can run into the night. The dark. Under the moon lit sky. Stars shining. Clouds rushing, like its a race to the moon. So quiet you can hear a spider crawl through the brush. That’s happiness. I stand out there in the middle of it all with a smile. That’s happiness that cannot be taken away, changed, or lost.
After hustlin’ steaks & wings all night I found myself racing the clouds out on that back country road.

Brandy Day73: Above


Mr. Orion proudly seated above the train tracks on a windy yet clear Friday night. Wasn’t feeling well so I went to what’s comfortable. I found myself on familiar tracks,  yet never here, in this spot. Such is true about life. Familiar situations, yet never handled the same.
Shot downtown Oaklandon

Chandler Day 72:

DSC02136I drive past this place all the time. I’ve driven past every night this week on the way home from work. Tonight I finally decided to stop and get a shot. I had to. It’s a couple big silos out in the middle of nowhere and this bright light shines so bright out there. It’s like a beacon. So I pulled up and tried to get a few shots as quick as I could. It was freezing cold and the wind was blowing hard. But the shot turned out nice, especially since I hardly ever do these type of night shots. It was a nice end to a long day.

Brandy Day67: Do Not Enter


I’ve gotten asked to leave two places while shooting photography. This place and Wilmington Airport lol 😉
This place just holds so much curiosity for me. The farmer that owns chased me away last summer though I wasn’t even in the building but standing away shooting. Now a wall has fallen in and I just want to see inside and take photos. I want to know what it was, why its abandoned. So for now I’ll shoot it late at night when I know he’s tucked in with his wife next to him and his dog at the foot of the bed waiting for sunrise.

Brandy Day49: Secrets of History


Found this gem the other day while out driving and knew it would hold a beautiful photo at night under the stars. Its all I could think about while at work, hoping the clouds would break and the stars would be bright. Just as I hoped the clouds opened the stars glowed and the moon made a guest appearance. I felt a little odd shooting this as its in someone front yard, but I couldn’t pass it up. I made it quick and was still able to get the shot I wanted.
It was only after I got home and viewed the photo, that I fell more in love. ‘1887’ is on the roof. Wow! What this little house has held, seen and will never share. 127 years. Unfathomable. The bricks still hold the words once spoke here. The windows watch new life come and go. The ivy grows stronger every year guarding and locking the hidden secrets never to be shared. The trees stand taller than the years before guarding and protecting.
Shot in awe on a country road, once slowly traveled by history.

Brandy Day44: Old Ground


One of my favorites. An old school house. It has so much missing but holds more secrets than we will ever know. This place holds meaning to me from years past. Old art stains the inside once pristine walls, windows the mirrored reflections are now missing and the once solid brick foundation is falling. Much like life. Savor as much as you can with a photo. I wish I had taken more years before.
Shot on Cyntheanne under an audience of stars.

Chandler Day 42: The Moon & Stars

DSC01413 (2)It felt good to get out and shoot tonight. I was able to drive around in the country and take some shots of the night sky. It was perfectly clear out for once and the stars and the moon were brilliant. It was freezing out but it felt good to have a camera in hand and the stars above. I was alone with the moon and the stars. And it was almost completely silent, aside from the occasional hoot of a Great-Horned Owl in the distance. Taken at the Farm, in rural Lebanon, IN.