Brandy Day201: Crossroads


Crossroads. I have no shame in admitting it used to be my favorite BoneThugs song.
Headed out to the Lynch’s House (Jordans house) earlier today. Had a great conversation with Josh (Jordan’s older brother), very unexpected to see him but enjoyable.
After a hard yet enjoyable visit, Jordan was heavy on my heart and mind. This evening during my evening sunset drive, I did what he and I often did together. I played the ‘crossroad’ game. Left, forward or right every time I came to a stop. At this particular crossroad it was a left

Chandler Day 170: Straight to the Capitol

DSC03741We went driving in the country day today. It was hot and we had the a/c as high as it would go. I took my time driving down the roads and as I drove over this tiny one-lane bridge I glanced over and saw this. I crossed the bridge and parked the car. I had to get a shot. I like how dirty the tracks looked. They almost look abandoned, but these tracks are used a lot. They head straight to Danville, Avon and Indy.  Perfectly straight, a direct alley to Indy.