Brandy Day260: Little Girls Spit Too….


Today Ashley, Boston & I headed into Manteo, which sits on Roanoke Island. I’ve spoke of Boston before and her having Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and how I had watched her and experienced some of the trials her family faces. Since moving to NC I think its safe to say its been a good move forward for Boston. Today though, today I experienced a joy or rather funny side of this. CF produces a lot of phlegm and its super important that its coughed out. So Ashley and Josh have taught Boston to spit it up in a Kleenex or if outdoors, in the bushes. While walking down the sidewalks of Manteo, Boston gets to coughing pretty good, an older couple walks by with a look as if to say, “Why have that sick child in public”. Just as were passing by them Boston leans over in the bushes and spits an awesome amount of mucus. Ashley starts to congratulate her and asks for a high five….all the while I’m watching the horrified looks on peoples faces, as they’ve watched this petite beautiful girl bend over and spit in the shrubs with an overly excited mother.
She’s not sick. She’s a fighter. She’s not misbehaved, rather making her lungs healthier. She’s not a horrible parent, but a mom who has sat up many sleepless nights praying for a hour of peaceful sleep for her coughing baby girl.

Chandler Day 226: Dreams Come & Go

DSC04201“Dreams come true and then they die. It’s time for new ones to come along. But the old ones still stand strong holding all the memories.” This quote comes from my mom and this post is for her. I like the quote and I liked her thought behind it. For her one of her dreams is coming to an end and it’s sad. It’s hard to watch something like that die. But it leaves room for something new. This tree above has had some life to it for the five years that we’ve known it. And then it finally died this year. But it still stands, tall and strong and holding all the memories of the past five years. And Mom I want to let you know that I am so proud of you and how hard you worked for your dream ¬†and even though it’s coming to a close just think of everything that awaits and the new dreams that will come.

Chandler Day 30: In a Perfect World

DSC01190 (3)I saw this painted on the side of a building in a run down part of Indy’s east side. I had been driving around that neighborhood looking for today’s shot and happened upon this. Luckily I was at a stoplight so I was able to get this shot. It was the title that struck me at first and made me take the picture. But it was the writing that made me choose it for today’s photo. I liked the people’s responses. The best one was “People Don’t Survive. They Live.” It made me think about a perfect world. And it made me a little sad that these things will probably never come true. Because there never will be a perfect world. There will always be struggles, failure, sin, evil, sorrow, pain, betrayal and loss. But people keep going anyway. Day by day, we make it through life. And every day you hope that there will be something good that made that day worth living.