Chandler Day 102: Cedars

DSC02427This photo actually was not taken today. My day was busy today, spent with friends and family and I didn’t have a chance to shoot. So I’m using a photo from yesterday. Today was another gorgeous day and I did spend some of it in the Ecolab. This is one of my favorite spots in the Ecolab. There’s a little group of ceder trees and some of them bend over the boardwalk and create a bit of tunnel. I love cedar trees. I love the way they look and smell. They always add a special element, some special feeling to a woods. They fit with the trees, yet they stand out and add something new. They help make up the woods, yet they are unique from all the other trees. They’re beautiful.

Brandy Day98: Finders Keeper’s


Ah yes. A solid find. I love it! Abandoned train cars. So much life & character! This photo is so beautiful to me! The color, contrast, subject & ominous cloud above it all! So creepy on a bright sunny, perfect cloud porn kind of day.
Unfortunately no one was with me during this find to see the pure excitement I had. Giddy like a child! Hey its the simple little things.
This to date may be in my ‘top 5 photos’. Shot mid country of Cicero IN.