Brandy Day100: Life


Very little sleep, with a restless mind and heavy heart. I was up early for work, but early enough to catch the sunrise. Threw on a hoody, shoes & glasses and out I went. Sought out the nearest east facing field and watched. Wondering what today would hold. This is what I found.
Happiness, love, peace…life. Life happened right before me.

Chandler Day 66: An Early Morning Drive

DSC01901It was a quick shot. It’s not a very good shot. I can find a million flaws with it. But it’s the sunrise. I took it very early this morning on my way to Marian. Normally I don’t see the sun rise, so seeing it this morning was very nice. Every now and then I like to get up very early. It’s so quiet outside. It’s still and calm. And the roads are empty. The drive is great. You drive and drive and every minute the sky is changing colors and then all of a sudden the sun lifts over the horizon and you see this big ball of fire coming up and the day has started. It’s such a common thing. Happens every day. But when you take the time to look at it, it’s pretty amazing.