Chandler Day 328: Full of Stories

SONY DSCMy photography professor recently asked the class if we had ever stopped and talked to homeless and other various people on the streets. Only a couple said yes, myself included, and he asked if we had gotten interesting stories from them. The answer to that is definitely. While I did not talk to the man above very much, I have heard some interesting stories from others. Everything from a man in a wheel chair trying to get to California and get revenge on the police that broke his legs there to a former NBA player that was trying to get money for a cab. How many of these are actually true, I will never know for sure. But they are certainly interesting and the people that tell them can be wonderful and are worth stopping and talking to.

Chandler Day 198: This is Oliver

photo-5Today I got to visit Brandy and see this adorable little guy. It was really good getting to just hang out with Brandy. We didn’t go shoot or go on a big adventure. We just talked and watched MTV all afternoon. It was good to talk and vent and listen to each other. We always seem to meet up with each other when we really need each other. And of course it was great to see little Oliver, though he just slept the majority of the time.

Chandler Day 95: 100 Acres

DSC02403Every now and then good days come along just when you need them. Today was one of those days. For some reason I had been wondering if everything was really worth it. If all the trouble and stress we go through is worth it. That thought kept playing in my head. This evening I went with Hannah to the 100 acres where we walked around for a while. We found a clearing with a bench that had this view. We sat there and talked for the longest time about all sorts of things. Little things, big things, memories and feelings. And as I sat there thinking about so many things, talking to Hannah and experiencing the woods around me I suddenly realized that, yes, everything is worth it. Moments like this, spent with someone like her, are what make everything worth it. I won’t ever forget sitting on that bench with her, talking about everything ¬†and anything, as the sun slowly climbed down and the lake became a mirror and I realized that life is worth living.