Brandy Day339: Kelly2


This photo seems like a good place to start. My apologies for being absent and not following through with a commitment.  Life is pretty good at throwing struggles at you and watching you fail. Kelly for example, I introduced him at the first if the year. A man who changed my day and I spoke of many times this year, sharing his struggles and the way he affected me.  Unbeknownst to me, Kelly and I had a connection. Rebecca, a good friend of mine whom I’ve known for years, works alongside the police and city to help the homeless. She does so much for them, I don’t know where to begin. I can end with, this is Kelly in his new apartment. Yes. Rebecca got him off the streets and housed. When she text me this photo today, my life changed. It was in the middle of a shit week, where I thought, “Seriously?! Anything else?” Yes, there was something else. Something good. I’ve said no more than ten words to a gentleman whose had a year of impact on me. This is humanity. Thank you, not only to Rebecca, The Pour House, but all those who donate items, time & compassion to help others have faith in a world where faith has been forgotten, like so many on the streets. I simply ask, the next time you want to clean out your closets and head to GoodWill for that extra $30, donate those items to a local organization that helps directly with those lost & forgotten. Spend an extra $5-$10 at the grocery on dry goods for someone in need.

*SideNote: I have photos, I have words I know I owe you 🙂 Thank you for your continued support!

Chandler Day 223: It’s a Blur

DSC04177Time goes by rather quickly. It seems not that long ago that Summer started and it was going to be a long time before I went back to school. And now Summer is coming quickly to a close for me and I’ll be moving back to college soon. I’m excited though and I’m ready for new adventures and I’m ready to learn some new things. But we all should appreciate our little bit of time here.

Chandler Day 220: Chipotle, Rain & Les Mis

DSC04159Today I got to spend the day with my little sister, Abbie. We hand’t actually spent that much time with each other in a while so I decided to hang out with her for a day. We went downtown, went to some bookstores and shops, had lunch, walked around in the rain, and picked up some good books. It wasn’t some epic adventure, but it was fun and it was good to spend some time with her.

Brandy Day193: Burn


Ignited to provide light, sometimes heat & historically used as a method to keep time. The earliest candles originated in China around 200 BC.
I almost always have a candle burning while at home. To me it sets a soft, relaxing atmosphere. Watching the flame dance sometimes a contained area. Trying to escape from the heat that it produces itself. Running from something its forever attached to.

Brandy Day164: WildLife


The beauty in life that’s been without damage.
The strength and growth.
Most of us, in some way, we are damaged.  Be it as small as learning Santa isn’t real or as big as a traumatic loss of someone you love. We at some point have to realize these events make us stronger. We can drown in the sorrow or find strength in the pain. We grow. Nothing is easy. If it is, its more than likely not with it. The trouble you overcome in life is what makes your story different from others.
Stand tall. Chalk up your defeats. Own your losses. Smile. Always, and I mean always, take the time.

Brandy Day142: No Framing


I was headed off to work when this photo caught my eye. This was taken at the last stop sign out of the neighborhood.
I often find myself ‘framing’ everything as if it were a ‘shot’. This needed no framing, only to be seen.
I love the simple beauty it holds. The longing sky, the contrast of the grass & sky and the emptiness. Nothing around. Nothing in sight.

Chandler Day 100: This is Why

DSC02433Already to 100 photos. 100 days. It certainly doesn’t seem like that long. Recently I’ve been thinking about photography and why I chose to be a photographer. Hannah asked me why I loved it and I couldn’t give her just one reason. I think back to when I started and I started because Brandy and Liz were shooting a lot and I thought I should give it a try. And now that I’m studying it, and I shoot every day, and I want this to be my life, I think about why I do it. And I guess I have three reasons. The first is that I try to capture some of the insane beauty that surrounds us. Everywhere I look there is beauty. Some of it is so amazing that I have to put my camera down and just look. No photo I ever take will fully capture some things here in this world. But I try my best to capture some of it. And the next reason is to show to whoever will look, that so many things, very common things that are overlooked, are beautiful. Like I said, I look around and see beauty everywhere. I see it in the weirdest places and in the smallest, most ordinary things. And I want other people to see it too. So I shoot and I hope that someone will see what I see. And finally there are certain things I shoot, that I get to preserve. As a photographer, my medium is light and time. Photographers have the unique ability to stop time and preserve something indefinitely. So I find things that are lost, forgotten, abandoned and dying. And I like to think that I save them. I keep them alive, for a little while longer. When everyone else has abandoned them, I find them and capture them and remember them. I remember I found an abandoned house and got to shoot it. About a week later it was struck by lightning and it burnt to the ground. Nothing was left. But it lives on in my photos. So there it is. That is why I do what I do. That is why I love what I do.

Chandler Day 22: Night


I absolutely love the night. It’s when I feel most creative, most thoughtful, most alive. I’ve had some great times at night. Like tonight. I got to drive all over Indy with Hannah. It was an adventure. There’s a lot to shoot in a city at night and I got some great shots. But the best part was being with her. Having her by my side as I drove and looked for a shot was perfect. Eventually we ended back on campus, but we can never seem to say goodnight. So we sat in my car together for a few hours, like so many other nights. We talked, laughed, told stories, and just sat there quietly, enjoying the simple pleasure of just being together. We’ve done this so many times. I couldn’t tell you how many hours we’ve spent talking in that car. It’s been great. And I look forward to all the nights ahead and I know without a doubt that there’s no one else I’d rather spend them with.