Brandy Day251: Wading Thoughts


Shooting tonight was a lot of fun.  I got to spend some much needed time with Alicia, whom I had no clue how much alike we really are.   Talking with her made me realize just how much my head really was spinning.  It’s pretty cool being able to stand in the middle of a road under a full moon & a sky full of stars, feeling the fall air chill your skin.  The only way to get out of the confined space my thoughts are fighting through, is to carefully wade through the content.

Shot at Brockway Glass Company in Lapel IN, painted on a manhole.

Brandy Day98: Finders Keeper’s


Ah yes. A solid find. I love it! Abandoned train cars. So much life & character! This photo is so beautiful to me! The color, contrast, subject & ominous cloud above it all! So creepy on a bright sunny, perfect cloud porn kind of day.
Unfortunately no one was with me during this find to see the pure excitement I had. Giddy like a child! Hey its the simple little things.
This to date may be in my ‘top 5 photos’. Shot mid country of Cicero IN.