Brandy Day265: UNCW


University North Carolina, Wilmington. What an absolutely beautiful campus!! I enjoyed walking around here today, meeting some of the staff and chatting around. Its so true what they say about The Carolinas, everyone is super friendly, helpful & truly keeps the ‘southern hospitality’ alive.
Hoping a new path opens soon, as the one I’m on has been under construction for awhile 😉

Chandler Day 238: The Rain Garden

DSC04394This is the Rain Garden by the Evan Center. Normally I just pass it by and don’t give it a second thought. But tonight it looked pretty. It had just stopped storming and it was actually a decent temperature outside. I was messing around with the lights in the garden and Hannah was walking across the huge concrete platforms. And then this shot came together. It reminded me of a ghost, which is appropriate for our very haunted university.

Chandler Day 233: This is Why It Never Leaves My Side

DSC04256My photography professor told us to shoot twenty photos this week (not hard task for me) and told us we should shoot every day. I most definitely agree with him. He talked about how he shot every day and he’s been shooting since the 70’s. There are some days where I fail to make time for photos but I try my best to shoot as much as I can. One because it improves my skill and two because there are amazing photos waiting to be taken everywhere. So this morning I headed to class, camera in bag as always and I saw this guy. He was using this concrete saw to cut tiles and was creating a huge cloud of dust. And because I always have my camera I was able to get this shot.

Chandler Day 232: The Evan Center

DSC04224This is where the majority of my classes are this semester. It’s called the Evan Center and is home to the College of Osteopathic Medicine and the School of Nursing. It’s clean and new and very nice. But it’s a medical building and it now houses the art department. Our hall caught on fire and was demolished and will now be turned into a parking lot which is sad  and angering but what am I going to do. Instead of building us a new building we were stuck in the unfinished section of this building and we have class as they paint the walls and wires dangle from the ceiling and what is left of Fisher is packed in scattered boxes. I like Marian and I love my professors (they are why I am here and not somewhere else), but it’s annoying to be on the bottom of the list. These amazing professors are stuck in a cramped, old building and our classrooms are unfinished. We are an after thought and it seems slightly wrong that the arts are on the bottom at  what is supposed to be a liberal arts university. But it’s not anything new, having art at the bottom. Why should they support art? It doesn’t draw in lots of students and lots of money like a college of medicine does. Why in the world would they want to support art, the most primal and integral form of communication that humanity has and that allows us humans to express our humanity in profound and diverse ways. Maybe I’m just overreacting, but it’s frustrating. It’s frustrating to see a college spend millions on medicine and nothing on art, art history, photography, graphic design and art therapy. But oh well. My rant is over.

Chandler Day 231: New Familiarity

DSC04218First day of classes. It’s an interesting feeling and much different than last year. Last year was the first year I had ever gone to a real classroom. So it was terrifyingly new. This year everything is familiar and different at the same time. New things to be learned in old classrooms and taught by professors I’ve already had. A new staircase in an old hall. New paths to be taken on sidewalks I’ve walked hundreds of times.

Chandler Day 230: Free Day

DSC04214Today was our one free day before classes start and we  have to get back into a routine. I spent the day checking out a few buildings, shopping, reading and relaxing. Felt good to relax in my own room with a good book.

Chandler Day 229: Finally Back

DSC04212I moved back to Marian today. It was a long day of moving, getting myself and Hannah settled in our new rooms. I’m in good old Clare Hall again, just with a new room and roommate this year. I do have to say my room is much better than last semester. It’s a good start to a hopefully good semester. It does feel good to be back at Marian.

Chandler Day 228: Boxes & Cookies

DSC04211Another long day of getting ready, this time packing up my things and getting stuff together. We finished up some projects and Hannah also made amazing cookies for our roommates, because she’s just super nice like that. Despite everything we had to do it was still a good day. A good last day of Summer for us.

Chandler Day 227: Packing Time

DSC04260Today I spent most of the day packing with Hannah and getting ready to head back to Marian. Though it’s tedious and annoying to pack, I’m looking forward to moving back. I think it’s going to be a good semester, a lot better than last semester.

Chandler Day 41: Marian

DSC01362 (2)This is the view from my window. Part of Clare Hall shows up,  St. Francis Hall( I refuse to call it by its new name) to the right, the fountain and the library off in the distance. It’s not the best view and I hardly ever look out my window.  But when you’re stuck in your room, and your car is out of gas and you need to take photos, you work with what you’ve got. So I decided to use my view. And when I start to look at it, I do like this shot of Marian. I like the lights and the way it looks at night. And though I’m sick of it most of the time, Marian really is nice.