Chandler Day 330: A Last Look

DSC00271I know, another random, out of place, photo. But it has meaning for today. Today we officially moved out of the house and into a new one. Today it was a little bit harder because it was official. Also the man who bought the house turned out to be real, pretentious, asshole who doesn’t deserve the place, but whatever. I ran across this photo recently. This is the view from my bedroom window, which I used to wake up to every morning. That sun shined on my bed every morning and occasionally the moon would light my room too. It has been the frame for a lot of photos. I have spent a lot of time looking, watching, dreaming, and thinking out this window. It’s a great view and I hope it will continue to be appreciated. I took one last look out that window today.

Brandy Day278: Migraine Lousy


Rainy Sunday. Lousy migraine. No photos today. Slept more than most of the day.
This photo was taken out west atop some train tracks, looking down. I love the shot. I love the view. So peaceful. So soothing.
Enjoy the view & hope for a better tomorrow ❤

Brandy Day200: I Need A Bean Field!


Watching the sun melt on a back country road with the sweet smell of corn and freshly turned soil.
Most don’t understand the satisfaction or the comfort I get when doing this. Nothing but freedom. You can keep your thoughts or go empty minded. There is too much to focus on when you have time and open roads.
I challenge you to try this one evening. Find some country roads, roll the windows down, get your favorite jams going and just drive.

Chandler Day 137: Six Amazing Months


Six months. Today was our six month anniversary. We were able to celebrate it while on vacation in Myrtle Beach. We spent the whole day together and then I took her to SkyWheel, which is a big Ferris Wheel on the boardwalk at the beach. It was a great view from the top. We could see the ocean and all the lights from the buildings and cars up and down the beach. We got to walk around and we had a great night. It’s been a great six months and I can’t wait to spend countless more with her.

Chandler Day 41: Marian

DSC01362 (2)This is the view from my window. Part of Clare Hall shows up,  St. Francis Hall( I refuse to call it by its new name) to the right, the fountain and the library off in the distance. It’s not the best view and I hardly ever look out my window.  But when you’re stuck in your room, and your car is out of gas and you need to take photos, you work with what you’ve got. So I decided to use my view. And when I start to look at it, I do like this shot of Marian. I like the lights and the way it looks at night. And though I’m sick of it most of the time, Marian really is nice.