Chandler Day 217: Time For a Picnic

photo-8Today Hannah told me to meet her at a park after I got off work. So I made my way to the park and then she arrived and told me she had a surprise. She set up the best little picnic for us. Basket, blanket, flowers, even a candle. We set up in the shade and ate some great food that she got and enjoyed the weather and the birds and each other. It was perfect and one of the cutest things she’s done.

Brandy Day141: Don’t Take What You Don’t Need….


A change in the weather.  Some gnarly clouds rolled through tonight. Thunderstorms remind me of so much. I love the smell of rain, the roll of thunder, the surprise of lightning, the ominous look the clouds hold and the breathe taking sky it creates after the madness. It is all simply so easing and beautiful.
Every year deadly storms rip through small towns or big cities. Lives are randomly chosen and lost. For those, we remember.
Shot over Giest Reservoir after the storm.

Chandler Day 104: Indiana

DSC02464This right here sums up Indiana. One day it can be almost 80 degrees and sunny. And the next it’s snowing. Yes, snow in April. One day I’m wearing shorts and a T-shirt and very much enjoying the beautiful weather. And the of course it snows the next day. And of all days, it’s on a Monday. After a long night of work I got to walk back to my car in blowing, wet snow. But that is just how Indiana is. I guess I’m used to it by now. And warmer weather will be here soon enough, or at least I hope so.

Brandy Day90: Oh My God This Is My Song


Ahhhh yes! Guess what day it is!!!! Opening Day Bitches!!!! What a great day! Weather was beautiful!! City was crowded! Beer was delicious! Baseball has started!
My Ninja and I road tripped it to Cincinnati for the day! I just love her! A true friend, a great time & lots of memories and quotes. Every good day starts with breakfast and fireball and ends with Angry Orchard and pizza.
I needed this. Thank you. #classic