Brandy Day269: ‘Hey! Just Wanted To Call And Tell You We Are Breaking The Law….’


Love this. Kinda looks like a still photo from the end of a movie. I love these people. Just had an eventful day and 6 hours of shooting photos. Normally bad ideas come from KC or I within this group, this one came from Chan 😉 Not a bad idea but risky. However, it opened up some awesome photo opportunities and being able to shoot with & help Chandler & Hannah was pretty great!
Shot as we were leaving and the sun was setting.


Brandy Day150: Idiot


How my Friday night ended.  Joshua had reserved a seat for me. My seat, where I sit every Friday.  With a cold beer. Cheese bites how I like them & a new KCCO tee.
Suppose that’s what a best friend is about. Having what you need when you need it. Knowing without telling.
Thanks for being my idiot.