Chandler Day 321: Winter Is Coming (Maybe It’s Already Here)

DSC06457Today I decided to take a walk in the Ecolab. Honestly it was more because I had to take some photos for class. It was a freezing cold walk, but I got some good shots. The Ecolab is a beautiful place and the snow only made it prettier. As I walked around I heard one of the coolest sounds that occurs in right now here in Indiana. That is the calls of the Sandhill Cranes that are migrating right now. They are beautiful birds and they are moving from Canada to the south. You often hear them before you see them. So if you’re in the area and hear a weird noise, look up and you might seem some.

Chandler Day 49: A Beautiful Day

DSC01589Today was a beautiful day. It got up to about 45 degrees and it felt amazing out. And because my afternoon class got canceled I was able to be outside. I went to Holliday Park and took a nice walk there and then moved onto the Ecolab here at Marian. I was able to go birding there. It felt great to get back outside and start birding again. It had been almost fourth months since I last went birding, or even hiking for that matter. The sun was shining, the Cardinals and Chickadees were calling, and the sky was clear. I found some good birds and just as I was ending my hike I found this guy. He was climbing around a tree and playing in the melting snow, happy for the warm weather. He let me get a few shots and then went on his way. It was a nice end to a beautiful day outside.