Chandler Day 255: A New Spot?

DSC04832We got a Starbucks on campus, so that’s been nice. I love coffee, and though we did have a great coffee place before this, the atmosphere here is pretty nice. I hope to start getting some good shots here soon.

Chandler Day 199: At Least I Like the Smell of Lumber

photo 3I currently work in the lumber yard at a home improvement store. It’s not the best work and it can be hard sometimes, but it’s a job. I spend the majority of my work day out in this barn stacking and sliding lumber. Today was a long day at work and I couldn’t get out of there quick enough, but hey, at least I like the smell of lumber. And my night after work made up for it all. I got to have dinner with my brother and we had a great time talking about pretty much everything and then I got to see my lovely girlfriend.