Chandler Day 354: An Interesting Discovery

DSC00324Along the old railroad path pictured in the last post were a few headstones. They were out in the middle of the woods not too far off the path. The woods is private property now and most of it is fenced off. Normally no one would ever see the graves as the leaves would conceal them. But since the leaves are long gone the headstones could be seen. They are a little hard to read but they listed three people:

An infant that died when it was delivered on October 23, 1836

Isabella Sedwick who died March 10, 1848 at the age of 7

and Marion Sedwick who died January 8, 1850 at the age of 15.

I have no idea who the people were, what they did, why the died or why they are buried in a woods and forgotten. But at least they are remembered here. Another note about this is that a friend of mine drove past here late one night and saw a little girl in an old dress running through the field across the road. Maybe it was Isabella.

Chandler Day 306: Burnt to a Crisp

DSC06154Today I was able to go home and see my mom. It was nice to be back, but also kind of sad. Our house is officially sold and she will be moving soon. I know I am away most of the time, but that house was home and it was hard to see things being packed up. I had to pack up part of my room also and it was weird. It is hard saying good bye to a place that has been home for years and where so many memories have taken place. The entire area holds memories. The fields, woods, and roads are home too. As we drove back from the new house where she will be moving we saw this burned up combine. It was a prototype that obviously failed quite badly. It was an interesting sight to see. And I sit here and try to form some profound connection between home and a burned combine and I can’t. This photo is just another photo of what I call home and what soon will not be home.

Chandler Day 265: I Need to Breathe

DSC05220Every now and then I get in weird moods where I want to be alone, with time to think and breathe and walk. Sometimes I’m sad in these moods other times I just want to think. So I drive, look at books, go to parks, and walk through the woods. Breathing in cleaner air. Stepping away from people and into what we came  from. Thinking and breathing in and out, in and out.

Brandy Day234: Down This Road Before


I love this road. The secluded location of it is comforting. Its not a named road, rather a numbered road followed with a direction, east or west. It winds just as curvy as the creek its paved next to. An old private cemetery sits atop a hill with a single tree that watches the sun set on the back of the headstones.

Chandler Day 109: Sunsets and Haunted Cabins

DSC02562Tonight I had dinner with part of my family and I got to see Brandy.  After we finished dinner, we escaped from the house for a bit and went to find a place to shoot the sunset. We shot in a few old barns and watched the sun turn into a perfect ball of orange fire and fall below the horizon. Then we found an abandoned log cabin in a woods and of course we had to check it out. We walked back to it and started shooting, though we both got a very eerie feeling from the house. It was a short time shooting, but fun.

Chandler Day 102: Cedars

DSC02427This photo actually was not taken today. My day was busy today, spent with friends and family and I didn’t have a chance to shoot. So I’m using a photo from yesterday. Today was another gorgeous day and I did spend some of it in the Ecolab. This is one of my favorite spots in the Ecolab. There’s a little group of ceder trees and some of them bend over the boardwalk and create a bit of tunnel. I love cedar trees. I love the way they look and smell. They always add a special element, some special feeling to a woods. They fit with the trees, yet they stand out and add something new. They help make up the woods, yet they are unique from all the other trees. They’re beautiful.

Chandler Day 101: Spring is Coming

DSC02424-2Spring is finally getting here. The weather is getting warmer, trees are budding, the birds are singing courtship songs, and flowers are blooming. I got to spend some time in the Ecolab today shooting flowers and looking for birds. It felt great. And I found these little violet flowers covering the floor of the woods. They’re so beautiful. It felt nice to be shooting flowers again, with the sun shining and the birds singing.

Chandler Day 95: 100 Acres

DSC02403Every now and then good days come along just when you need them. Today was one of those days. For some reason I had been wondering if everything was really worth it. If all the trouble and stress we go through is worth it. That thought kept playing in my head. This evening I went with Hannah to the 100 acres where we walked around for a while. We found a clearing with a bench that had this view. We sat there and talked for the longest time about all sorts of things. Little things, big things, memories and feelings. And as I sat there thinking about so many things, talking to Hannah and experiencing the woods around me I suddenly realized that, yes, everything is worth it. Moments like this, spent with someone like her, are what make everything worth it. I won’t ever forget sitting on that bench with her, talking about everything  and anything, as the sun slowly climbed down and the lake became a mirror and I realized that life is worth living.

Chandler Day 52: Marott Park

DSC01641I found a new park today. I was driving back from work and found Marott Park in Indianapolis. I thought it looked nice, so I stopped for a minute and took a little walk. I was short on time and couldn’t go far, but it was a nice little escape. To just get away from everything for a brief minute and clear my head. What little snow was left crunched under my boots, the wind blew through the still bare trees, a few birds called overhead, the sound of rushing water could be heard, and a Red-tailed Hawk took flight. I love these sounds. I love the fresh air and the way the sun feels. I love the way the trees talk when the wind blows through them. I love the quiet and the stillness. It was short, but all I needed. I cleared my head and headed home.

Brandy Day41: SouthWest

As the sunsets it lights up the sky showing off the colors its gathered through the day. Using the snow as a mirror, reflecting beautifully as it sinks behind the guarding trees. No sunset is ever the same. The sun … Continue reading