Chandler Day 297: Perfect Contrast

DSC06010While the leaves have not been the most spectacular this year, there are still some very pretty trees around. This is a Norway Maple that had turned a beautiful solid yellow and when you looked up the branches contrasted perfectly.

Chandler Day 289: Time for Work

DSC05873Today I got to take more picture for work. My boss is out of town, so I was told to shoot for the Ecolab. It’s nice ending the day with a walk through the Ecolab, taking pictures of beautiful flowers and getting paid.

Chandler Day 281: Those Incredible Colors

DSC05731The trees are beginning to change colors and Fall is upon us here in Central Indiana. This is my favorite season and it can be spectacular for shooting. It is amazing to look up and see the incredible colors. It is nature’s last hurrah before winter comes on and things go dormant. So take a minute to look up or around you. There are some amazing things around us.

Chandler Day 270: Today Was Rough

DSC05233Today started off at about 5 a.m. with the most godawful fire alarm going off. We were forced to evacuate our building and stand outside for about a half hour waiting for one police officer, who showed up alarmingly late, to walk the entire building and find what was causing it to go off. It turned out to be an oven that was spewing black smoke, because apparently 5 a.m. is the ideal hour to bake. We got to go back in and then I was awakened at 9 a.m. to (surprise, surprise) another fire alarm. And I slept over my first class and missed the lecture over the next assignment. So today was a little bit rough, but hey here’s some pretty yellow flowers to cheer everyone up.

Chandler Day 250: It Was Simply Pretty

DSC04772There wasn’t any particular reason why I shot this photo. It was just a pretty flower, one among hundreds. I could have walked by and not noticed it, or seen another flower and shot it or even seen this one but just didn’t click the shutter. But I did and here it is. A pretty flower.

Chandler Day 244: Black-Eyed Susans

DSC04590I love these flowers. They are such a simple, but beautiful summer flower. They are everywhere, brightening up the world around them. They are strong and they spread. I don’t think you could kill these flowers if you wanted to. I also love the cycle they present. Bright yellow, full of life, to dying brown petals to naked heads of seed. Full of life and death. But even when they are dead they still carry life. They have the seeds for next years flowers and the seeds to keep creatures alive through winter. Life and Death all bundled up in a pretty yellow flower.

Chandler Day 164: 4:30 A.M. Composition

DSC03699My new job requires me to get up and drive at 4:30 a.m. It’s a little rough getting up that early, but it’s fun seeing the stars still out and having the road to myself. When I got up and drove this morning, the Big Dipper was bright and shining. I sped down 39 in the dark and snapped this shot.

Shot in Hendricks County

Chandler Day 130: Birding Lake Erie

DSC03040Today was another full day of birding. Today was a great day of birding, including birding with a group of people from Chicago. I got to see some great birds and I had a lot of fun. I made it over 80 species by the end of the day and I’m hoping to get to 100 by the end of my trip.

Prothonotary Warbler shot at Magee Marsh

Chandler Day 120: Slow Into the Uphill Curve

DSC02697What is it with driving that can make me so calm, so centered, so creative? I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because I’m alone. Maybe because it’s night. Of course I sometimes get angry when I drive and I can have really bad road rage, but a lot of the time, driving is peaceful. All I want to do is drive and shoot photos. Tonight I got to do that. Every night I drive this curve right before I get back to campus. I’ve always thought the looks were interesting and I knew I could make a shot out of it. But there’s usually a car behind me or in front of me or a cop is around. So I never stop to take the shot. Until now. I was able to stop and shoot. I love the lights. I love the road. I love making an idea happen.